Monshogodo: Meditative Sounds of Old Japan


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This collection for accompaniment to meditative activities is a collaboration between Michael and Sebastien Gishin Cyr, a zen monk living in Montreal, Canada. Gishin specializes in Buddhists chanting, especially Shomyo chanting, which is showcased in this collection. The long tones of the Shakuhachi bending around in calligraphic like swirls complement the strong pure sounds of Gishins’ chanting. There is also a solo version of the Heart Sutra by Gishin and the shakuhachi song, “Koku” played in it’s entirety by Michael.

James Schlefer says of this CD: "It is one of the most beautiful CDs I've heard in a long time. The blend of chant and Shakuhachi works wonderfully, Chikuzen's playing is superb, and the album is beautifully recorded."

Listen to a musical sample of the song “Koku” from this CD.