Michael “Chikuzen” Gould

Master Shakuhachi performer and teacher.

About Chikuzen

Michael Chikuzen Gould is one of only a few people to hold the title of “Dai Shihan” (Grand Master of Shakuhachi), has taught Zen Buddhism and Shakuhachi at universities, and has performed over 500 solo concerts and played with traditional Japanese music ensembles.

Learn to Play the Shakuhachi

Chikuzen teaches shakuhachi in a variety of forms: webcam, home studio, camps, and B&B intensives. Students also have the opportunity to obtain a teaching license.


Take a look at some of Michael’s media content to learn more about the Chikuzen style.

Student Testimonials

I feel very honored to be able to pick the brain of such a master player. The lessons are always inspirational. I feel that my association with Michael has improved my playing and my understanding of the shakuhachi.

-Michael A. Firman

I have spent many hours practicing and taking lessons with Michael, under whose masterful tutelage I have been lucky enough to learn. In playing I hope to convey some of the joy and the wonder that I feel everytime I pick up the shakuhachi and think back on how it is that I got to be where I am.

-Brian Furner