The following score books are recommended and are available from Tai Hei Shakuhachi:


Koden & Koten Honkyoku Scores & 4 volume CD set

The score book, co-authored by Michael Gould and Monty Levenson, is a complement to a 4 volume CD set containing 30 songs played by Mr. Yoshinobu Taniguchi. The book and CDs are published by Tai Hei Shakuhachi.


How To Play The Shakuhachi

This score book is authored by Yoshinobu Taniguchi as an introduction on how to play the shakuhachi. A compact disc is available as a learning companion for the book. The book and CD are published by Tai Hei Shakuhachi.


How To Play Classical Shakuhachi Book 1

This book is co-authored by Yoshinobu Taniguchi and Michael Gould. It was created with the intention of its becoming a technical manual for use in the classroom (or dojo) for studying Classical Shakuhachi under the guidance of a master/teacher. The book is published by Tai Hei Shakuhachi.