Photos & Videos

Below are some are some links to videos of Michael Chikuzen Gould playing the Shakuhachi. There are also a couple videos of Chieko Iwazaki demonstrating the Koto and Shamisen. (They often perform together with Chieko’s husband, Kordey Iwazaki.)

Student Testimonials

I feel very honored to be able to pick the brain of such a master player. The lessons are always inspirational. I feel that my association with Michael has improved my playing and my understanding of the shakuhachi.

-Michael A. Firman

I have spent many hours practicing and taking lessons with Michael, under whose masterful tutelage I have been lucky enough to learn. In playing I hope to convey some of the joy and the wonder that I feel everytime I pick up the shakuhachi and think back on how it is that I got to be where I am.

-Brian Furner