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Some of my personal insights into playing the shakuhachi.

World Shakuhachi Forum

While I am in the process of getting the blog started, I've copied some of my contributions to the World Shakuhachi Forum. [Ask the Pro » Tamuke and Shakuhachi lengths » 2008-01-24] It doesn’t matter what length shakuhachi one plays the song on although I’d leave the...

About the Shakuhachi

The Shakuhachi came to Japan in the seventh century from China and was a six-holed flute used in Imperial Court music. Later, in the middle ages, it was changed into the five-holed flute played today. Mendicant Zen monks who wandered the countryside played the...

Student Testimonials

I feel very honored to be able to pick the brain of such a master player. The lessons are always inspirational. I feel that my association with Michael has improved my playing and my understanding of the shakuhachi.

-Michael A. Firman

I have spent many hours practicing and taking lessons with Michael, under whose masterful tutelage I have been lucky enough to learn. In playing I hope to convey some of the joy and the wonder that I feel everytime I pick up the shakuhachi and think back on how it is that I got to be where I am.

-Brian Furner