I have been teaching using web cameras for 15 years now.

The first question always asked is how do webcam lessons compare to ‘live’ in-person lessons. Taking lessons in person is the best situation, of course, but not everyone has access to a teacher, or to the teacher that offers the style and music that they want to learn. I can honestly say that I have seen great strides made by people who have never had a lesson in person. To make a long story short, the benefits are considerable and much better than the alternatives! You can still study just like you can in person except that you can’t see as much at once and the sound may be a bit different coming through microphones. It is rather difficult to play at the same time but this gives rise to various teaching/studying techniques that wouldn’t be employed if the lesson was in person. I provide the scores and mp3 for the songs you are learning. These can be sent via email or straight through Skype while we are online together. We also have the leisure to schedule lessons at times that are convenient for you with no hassle of driving through snow and rain while spending a lot of money on gas!

Lessons are 60 minutes each and cost as follows:

  • 1 lesson: $60 US.
  • 2 lessons per month: $115 US.
  • Buy a chunk of 5 or more lessons to use at your discretion: $55 US per lesson. For example, 10 lessons equals $550 US.

For such lessons you will need:

  1. Skype - Download Skype free of charge and set up your screen name and account. It is very simple. You will be able to talk and have a live video conference with anyone, free of charge, anywhere in the world.
  2. Webcam - If you do not already have one, you will need to purchase a webcam. There are various qualities, but you can purchase a decent one for about $50 US. You may want to consider purchasing a webcam with a built-in microphone. Set up the webcam with your computer and this will allow you to have a quality two-way video shakuhachi lesson with Michael.
  3. Microphone - You will need a microphone to sit on your desk if your webcam or computer does not already have one built in. Or you can use a headset with a built-in microphone, so your hands are free to play your shakuhachi during your video lesson.
  4. Lesson Time - Contact Chikuzen Studios to arrange lesson times and details.
  5. Payment - Open a free Paypal account so that you can easily send a payment to Chikuzen Studios for one or more shakuhachi lessons. Otherwise, send a check or money order to pay for your lessons.

Read the student reviews if you have further questions. Better yet, take a lesson and try it out (use the contact me form) That will answer more of your questions quicker.